Brooklyn Brewery and the CIA

Brooklyn Brewery CIA

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I ran across this article the other day put out by Beerpulse. You can head over and check it out, I’ll wait. I have nothing but time.

Fine, I knew you weren’t going to check it out. Here is a quick synopsis of what the article is about. Brooklyn Brewery is going to be adding a satelite brewery to the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) in Hyde Park. This is huge.

The thing is, I am a bit annoyed by this. I know that sounds crazy right. But there is some reasoning behind this. Sure the idea of more places to learn about beer is a huge boon for the craft beer movement. I am happy to see it happen and glad to know that it is happening at a culinary school where it makes perfect sense for young culinarians to learn a huge part of their business.

So why does it irk me? Because I have been talking about this for several years now. Not just talking but I have many blog posts stating that this needs to happen. I even spent some time at the culinary school where I earned my first degree talking to the man who is in charge of the culinary department about this.

That all happened roughly two to three years ago, plenty of time to get this in place in Michigan where we have a great nationally recognized culinary school as well as a few smaller schools. And where does it happen first, New York. Go figure…

Now I can understand, the CIA is (arguably) labeled as the premiere culinary school in the United States. They do have an advantage of funding and such. But that really pales in comparison to the growth of brewing in Michigan. Michigan beer is huge. They don’t call us the great beer state for nothing. The quality of our breweries and our growing malt and hops industry it just makes sense to bring this into the state.

Now aside from the annoyance factor, this is a huge win for the beer industry in general. I didn’t notice in the article if they will be setting up a brewery operations program but the bonus to the students even outside that is huge. They will now have a place to not only work with menus and beers but also we will see a new breed of front of the house workers that will have better knowledge of beer and how to serve it properly.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the long run. Keep your eyes open as well, now that the CIA has done it, many of the other culinary programs will have a base model to work from as they expand their programs as well.

Time for a pint…


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