Brisket #Realfood


Can you believe it, August already. We are winding down into the dog days of summer. But that is no reason to give up the ghost of all the great summer foods. And by summer foods I mean slow cooking and BBQ.

At my house I like to do the majority of the cooking in the oven and then move to the grill to bring the smoke to finish something off.  This is a way to save on going through a large amount of charcoal and hardwood.  Of course the brisket I made for this video was cooked solely in the oven, nothing says that you have to finish it there.

This video is only 5 minutes which belies the fact that total cooking time was roughly 5.5 hours, not too mention sitting overnight while the dry rub worked its magic.

I won’t be giving out too much of a recipe for this one (some things are my secret) but I will say I did a 2 to 1 ratio for the sugar to salt (1 oz brown sugar to .5 oz salt).  This gives a slightly  sweeter finished product.  If you adjust to a more even ratio you will end up being a bit less sweet.

Time for a pint…


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