Bridge over Fire River

This week has been rough. That’s my story and I am sticking with it. Basically, I am saying that I failed to get a story written for the Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction challenge this week.

The prompt was cool and I could still write a story for it. But that’s just it right? You actually have to write a story to enter it into the mix. With everything going on this week I lost track of time.

But don’t worry, I wouldn’t leave you high and dry without a story. I can’t see that happening at all. So I have something a bit different for you to enjoy this week, an action adventure. There is magic and maidens and even an evil beasty. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself. Why not check it out and see where we end up this week.

Bridge over the Fire River

I had fought days through the outer edge of this grim forest to reach it. Heat, intense, burning, ripped through the area. Nothing grew this close to the river.

Legend held of a river of fire near the edge of the dread realm. If not for my desire to free Mina from the clutches of the Trellig I would not have come this far.

The Trellig held court just beyond the bridge. And I was close. Closer than I ever thought possible. One last obstacle and I would step into the court and claim my girl back.

That was the problem. No one had crossed the bridge, ever. At least no one uninvited by the Trellig. Up ahead I saw it, a black rip through the waves of fiery heat and light. The roar of burning cut through the dull gray air, loud enough to cover the dull crunch of my feet on the ashe covered path.

I stepped on the bridge and scanned the path ahead of me. Engulfed in the heat from the river, I could not concentrate too far ahead.

It stood guard at the bridge’s center. A tall creature with skin the color of ashe and soot, red veins of fire criss crossed its body, blood lines of fire. It blended with its surroundings so well, I stopped short when it tapped a large ax on the dark stone of the bridge.

“I have waited long for you.” The voice airy, yet deep, the crack of wood in a fire.

The rules are pretty straight forward. I must pass the trials to reach the court. Balgor, guardian of the bridge, was the next challenge. How do you fight a volcano?

You could say I cheated but really it was just a matter of thinking things through. I used magic. The price I might pay in the future was worth it for a quick end to the guardian.

The wand I pulled from my belt would only work once but that was enough. As I approached Balgor I flicked and twisted the wand. The ice that encased him wouldn’t last but it would give me time to reach the other side of the bridge.

I raced across the bridge, without looking back. At the end I jumped, and landed at the edge of Trellig’s court. I heard a loud crack and roar as Balgor broke free of the ice prison, but too late. I ran free of his reach.

The wide open square of Trellig’s court held scattered groups of creatures dressed in finery. Quiet conversations bounced from group to group as I passed them.

I rushed to the center and Mina tied to a black crystal rock. I couldn’t believe it had been so easy to reach her. As I reached out to cut the chains that bound her, she crumbled, burnt to ash at my feet. I arrived far too late to save her.


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