Under The Boardwalk

Under The Boardwalk

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This should be fun. I have been wanting to do this for a while, so you can expect to see more of this in the future (not all the time but it will happen). Yep, here is the first of future readings of the strange stuff I call fiction.

A few things first, it has been a while since I have done a recorded reading so I apologize in advance that this one is going to have a couple flubs. And next, this one is a short piece so you won’t have to endure my sloppy talking for too long. And finally, you can expect the same fun of murder and monster mayhem in the readings that you expect in my written stories.

So before I drone on for too long, lets move into the story…

Under the Boardwalk

Jimmy the Beak had a special place he liked to take his girl in the summer. It wasn’t really all that special since we all hung out there. Middle of the day, away from the heat of the sun and the sand, we took some blankets. Sometimes we had a cooler, beers and sammichs.

Seems strange when I think about it now. The place was really just a covered area under the boardwalk. We stayed hidden inside as the sun beat down around our special place. People’s eyes didn’t adjust well to the near darkness deep inside.

This worked in my favor a few times. The crashing waves work great for drowning out the screams. And the rising tide washed away the blood. I preferred to use a knife most of the time. Jimmy was a great lure. He had the gift of the gab, could talk to anyone. Heaven knows it worked so often I was amazed.

They never got away. Well, not till the last one. Damn Jimmy, he sure could talk, never knew when to let it rest. I don’t even know how they caught on to us, sent in a undercover. She had a wire.

Jimmy opened his mouth for the last time that day. Quick hit in the Adam’s apple shut him down. He dropped to his knees without another word. The squad that surrounded our special place, well, I took five shots to the arms and chest. I don’t even know how I lived that day.

Seems crazy when you consider it now. A bullet hit my spine, clipped it clean. Haven’t walked since. But there was a day when I finally left prison. I rolled across the boardwalk in my wheelchair. Just wasn’t the same as those old days.

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