Beer Flavored Jelly Beans

Working through a quick note today. Mainly I want to direct you to a few bits of beer news making the rounds right now that I think are worth your time.

On January 15th the Brewer’s Association released a post stating that the US brewery count has now passed the 2700 breweries mark. In this count we find that the largest number of breweries fall into the categories of Microbrewery and Brewpub.

Oddly, I haven’t noticed the usual spam cries of saturation or beer bubble in the past week since these numbers were announced. Does this mean the naysayers stance has changed, or maybe the numbers haven’t sunk in enough yet?

No matter how you look at it those are some impressive numbers. The growth is huge and one day it should level out again. This doesn’t mean that people won’t open new breweries, it just means that they will be opening slower than they are right now. Again this is a trend similar to how restaurants operate.

And while we are on the subject of food, did you know that Jelly Belly, the jelly bean company has created a beer flavored jelly bean. I don’t know about you but for me this screams popular appeal. But I digress…

The other day I ran across this great post about “How not to Open a Brewery.” Derek Dellinger from Bear Flavored Ales makes some great points about the difference between craftsmanship and treating the project solely as an investment.

I have spoken about this at length on numerous occasions in the past (granted you have to go to one of my old sites to find those talks). But this is an important thing to understand about any endeavor. There is a time for artistry, and there is a time for making money. If these two states are not kept in balance you will lose out.

Lean too much toward artistry and you will make no money. Lean too much toward business and you will sacrifice those things that brought your customers to you in the first place. What amazes me are those people who think the customer will never notice. But as history has shown us time and time again, they do notice.

Now here I am yammering away. Go read Derek’s article, it’s a good read.

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