Beer Fight Club or The #Session 90

The Session

The first Friday of the month is a time of gathering for beer bloggers. This is the day of the Session, where they all write a post based on a common theme. The person who volunteers to host the month’s session chooses this them and then compiles all the links in a post with pithy commentary.

This month’s session comes to us from Hipster Brewfus. Here is his words to guide us as we write our posts.

I am Hipster Brewfus. A lot of you know what I’m about. What you don’t know, is that I am incredibly bored by the happy-go-lucky nature of beer blogging. This is my opportunity to force you out of your comfort zone, and inject a little bit of hostility into this beer-laden world of sunshine and rainbows. It’s time to knuckle up.

The idea for this session stemmed from a couple of few places. The first being my first experience with a bottle of Stone Brewing Vertical Epic 11-11-11. I have never wanted to punch a beer so hard in its glassy face before. The second item is my growing frustration with the general acceptance that all craft beer is good beer, and that any hint of negativity will do damage to our burgeoning scene. Lastly, a lot of the topics on The Session lately have been pretty unimaginative, uninspired, and uninteresting.

The premise is this:

Have you ever drank a beer that became a battle, more than an enjoyable experience? Maybe a beer that was far bigger than you had anticipated? Something you felt determined to drink, just so you can say you conquered that son of a bitch, and you are all that is powerful. Or perhaps it is something that is just so bad, all you want to do is slap it around a bit. Or maybe you were on the verge of passing out, but you just wanted that one last beer, and the valiant struggle between taste bud fulfillment and the velvety embrace of sleep that ensued.

The Beer Fight Club Session

session 90

flikr creative commons via Joshua Heller

I dare say I have sampled an assorted number of beers over the years. I come from the stone ages when we had little choice over what we might find as far as beer flavors go. Essentially the beers available were little more than the same thing with a different companies brand on them.

Because of this I like to try beers when I come across them to see how I feel about them. As might be expected the Bud Light Chelada was a horrible choice. I bought the can on the way to a friends house for post work drinks. After a long shift in front of a grill it is good to get a liquid refreshment to bring your core temperature back to something human. Maybe that colored my view when I poured it into the glass, but I refuse to pass summary judgement without at least sampling first.

As expected, and I am sure you can imagine, it was bad. The interesting thing, I only spent about a dollar and a half for the tall boy (Ya it was a tall boy).

The save the sinking ship philosophy tells us to cut bait and run. I am a bit stubborn at times. I drank that whole thing. Really, I feel no better for the experience now. But I am happy to say I have had enough good beer to wash away the memories of the retched beast.

Time for a pint (preferably Michigan craft beer)…

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