Ready for Summer?

I drove my wife to work this morning. Let me tell you, at 430 this morning in South West Michigan, we saw -23 degrees. That my friend is crazy cold. All that came to mind was, “Where the heck is summer?”

Which brings us to the vlog for the night. I think we need something that brings to mind warmer weather, green grass, blue skies, and maybe a nice hammock in the shade. That brings us to some beer can chicken. What says summer better than cooking some chicken on the grill.

The advantage of having a bigger grill means you have more options with what you can do with it.  In today’s case I made up a beer can chicken. (This episode was previously recorded cause damn, it’s way too cold and snowy right now to do anything like this outside)

This is quite a bit easier than you might think.  And the finished product is well worth the wait.

(1) 4lb chicken
8 oz of beer (use either your own in a can or you could buy some of the great craft beers that have gone can)
spices of choice to cover

Cooking time is roughly 1 to 1.5 hours (until breast reaches roughly 170 degrees

Use indirect heat because you want to slow cook this bird.

Now, time for me to find a pint…

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