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The recovery time last week took a toll on me I didn’t expect. Basically, I spent the week on Norco and didn’t really have the mental capacity to focus on much outside staring at a TV. I am not finished with all of that just yet, but at least I don’t need the drugs to vaguely function now. I am still in recovery over the next month with some more stuff I have to do everyday for my health needs. But I have a better outlook on the problem than I have had in years.

With all of that said, we are coming into a new week and the last few of the rest of the year. I will be returning to whatever it is that constitutes as normal around here. We still have a story to finish (might be before the end of the year that this one closes out). So it could be fun to jump into something new for 2018. Though I have no idea yet what that might be. Which begs the question, do I ever really know what is going on?

And for those who might be wondering…

The Cthulhumas season is upon us. I will leave you with the wonderful thoughts that only some carols can bring us.


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