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Urban Legends

Urban Legends #reflection

Urban Legends I honestly don’t know what got me thinking about these types of stories recently. But I found a moment where my thoughts went back to some of the whispered stories we told to each other growing up. You know the ones I mean. We all heard them and …

Back to Updates

Back to Updates The recovery time last week took a toll on me I didn’t expect. Basically, I spent the week on Norco and didn’t really have the mental capacity to focus on much outside staring at a TV. I am not finished with all of that just yet, but …

Short Break

This is notification of a short break while life is going a bit crazy. We will be back soon with more stories to horrify and amaze you.

next testament

Next Testament #reflection

Next Testament Yeah, I know, it wasn’t but a short time ago that we delved into some Clive Barker stories. And of course, I love everything to do with the Cenobytes and the horrors they show us. But I couldn’t pass up going through some thoughts on something from a …


Zenescope Oz #reflection

Zenescope Oz I want to say that I might have watched the story once, maybe twice when I was growing up. And then there were the countless variations of the story. Yeah, it seems unheard of that anyone could have missed The Wizard of Oz and not know what it …

halls of Montezuma

The Halls of Montezuma

The Halls of Montezuma For long time readers, this will not be a surprise. For those new or just wandering by, prepare yourselves. I am a Marine. It was on July 7th of 1989 that I graduated boot camp and officially earned that title. Aside from the day I was …