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Blast from the past food (that sounds weird). Anyway, this one was originally posted December 5, 2014. As the days get hotter, we could start thinking ahead to fall and cooler weather. Remember, don’t think too far ahead though. It seems like only yesterday that we had snow up to our knees.

Apple Crisp

I don’t do too much here as far as holiday hints or tips. For me every meal is a cause of celebration (does that sound uber corny?). When you look at the work that has gone into not only the preparation of your food but also the growth and harvesting there is reason to celebrate. This isn’t to say that any of us have the time required to go all out for every meal, but it is the little touches that make each meal special. And sometimes, sometimes you find something that is so simple and so painless yet comes across as special and unique, that just going that little extra is a great thing.
Apple Crisp 1
Apple crisp is one of those dishes for me. Really it only takes a few minutes of preparation. Aside from cider I can’t think of another way to celebrate the apple harvest.

When I make mine I like to use several varieties of apples for the different flavors they bring to the final dish. The great thing is, you can do this with the apples you have on hand, no need to go out and buy anything extra just to make something good.

Apple Crisp 2

Ingredients for the Streusel:

4 ounces flour

1 ounce brown sugar

2.5 ounces butter

pinch salt

pinch cinnamon

Streusel Method:

mix the dry ingredients. Cut butter into mixture until flour forms pieces slightly larger than a pea.

Ingredients for the apples:

roughly 4 or 5 large apples (a pound to pound and a half)

1/4 cup sugar
Apple Crisp 4
Apple Crisp 3

Filling Method:

core and peel apples. Slice them thin. A mandolin is great for this part. While working with them it is a good idea to keep the apples in acidulated water to keep them from oxidizing. Remove them from the water and mix with the sugar to help coat them evenly. Place them into a baking dish and cover with the streusel. Bake for one hour at 350 degrees. The streusel should be golden brown when it is done.
apple crisp 5


I like to use cream cheese instead of butter for the streusel. It adds a flavor dimension that you don’t get anywhere else. Replace it for the same amount. This recipe is also easy to increase or decrease based on your need. We like it so much that I have to double the recipe when I make it.
Apple Crisp
Time for a pint…


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