Alien Deceit

Time for the Indies Unlimited flash fiction challenge. Every week we are given a picture and written prompt and we must write a 250 word story that follows the threads.

What strange shenanigans are we up to this week?

Alien Deceit

When Ensign Samuels materialized, she found herself standing outside this strange structure. The atmosphere seemed breathable, according to her handheld instrumentation. Breathable for her, anyway. There was no way of knowing what type of creature inhabited this planet.

alien Deceit

photo by K.S. Brooks

Clearly something must have gone wrong with the coordinates; she arrived here by mistake. Then she recalled the look on Ensign Jeffries’ face as he pushed the button to transport her to headquarters. You were both up for the same promotion. Maybe it wasn’t such a mistake after all…

As Samuels scanned the area, she knew that where ever she had ended up, she was far from home now. Dealing with Jeffries and his ‘mistake’ would have to wait.

No life signs had been picked up with her scanner but it was unable to penetrate through the odd surface, it didn’t register the surface at all. The entire building appeared as a blank spot on her device. She circled around the perimeter of the structure in search of an entry point.

She found a gateway made of a glass like substance that dilated open as she approached. The interior of the building appeared to be a bit rustic, though on a level of technology at least approaching her own. Walls of computers blipped and blooped in conversations that didn’t include her.

As she wandered the halls she began to see the pattern of the structures layout. Though she couldn’t read the writing, there were a number of pictograms that she could follow. She followed the symbols toward what she hoped to be a vehicle bay and a way off this strange world.

It turned out that the symbols meant nothing of what she had thought they did. As she had searched for an escape, the roof lifted up and off of the structure. A giant hand reached inside and wrapped around her waist. The realization of the danger came to late when she looked in the eyes of the giant child.


Remember to put away your toys when you are done playing with them and then head over to Indies Unlimited and put in your vote for the flash fiction story that takes you to alien worlds.

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