Alamo Drafthouse #discoverKalamazoo

Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse

I bet you’re busy. In fact I am sure you are. So busy in fact that a night out sounds exhausting. Or maybe that’s just me. As crazy as this might sound, my wife and I haven’t had a chance to get out to a movie in forever. Of course with the TVs in most of our homes now going to a movie theater isn’t what it might once have been anyway. I mean seriously, when I am sitting on my couch at home I could be sitting around in my underwear and watch what ever it is I want.

How do you compete with that?

Turns out some people thought of a great way. I won’t get into the where with all about the origins of the company here (If you want all that go to their website). But I will talk about my experience at the Alamo Drafthouse in Kalamazoo.

First, yes I know it’s a chain. Pretty much all movie theaters are anymore. Sure you can get lucky and find some great family owned places but they are rare. But I digress…

Where was I? Oh ya, going to the movies. The Alamo in Kalamazoo opened just a few months ago but we hadn’t had a chance to check it out yet. Well, not until a few weeks ago. My wife and I wanted to do something different for a date night.

This is where it gets pretty cool. We had been hearing from others about the place but nothing to really tell us what to expect. I mean the picture I had in my mind was way different than what we encountered at the theater.

Ok ok I know, I’m getting there…

So ya, the theater does something a bit different than other theaters. They have a full service restaurant as well as a bar. You get to have dinner while watching the movie. Even better, beers, and in my case Michigan beers with a decent number of tap handles.
I expected tables with servers getting in the way while sitting in uncomfortable chairs for the run of a movie. But this was something so much better. They took over what used to be the Rave theater. In the process of setting up they removed every other row of seats and put in a rail. This rail is set perfectly to hold your food and drinks while you watch the movie. The stadium seating allows the server to take care of you without getting in the way of the screen.

Alamo Drafthouse 2

I might have taken a pic of the food but, movies, it was too dark. But really we are talkin’ burgers and fries and such. Great movie food right. Then turn the dial a little, I had a burger with prosciutto and goat cheese. Add in the fries and a beer and we are talking a great night.
Now just so you know, I didn’t strip down to my underwear to watch the movie. But the seats were the comfy kind with movable armrests so you can snuggle and such (ya we got smootchie, we’re like teenagers by golly).

In case you were wondering, we saw Three Days to Kill, loved it. Considering how often we are able to get out to dinner and a movie anymore the whole experience was worth it. We spent about as much as we would of spent anyway, but without having to work around dinner somewhere else.

Time for a pint…

Have you had any interesting adventures for date night lately? Or have you been stuck at home enjoying the great entertainment you have there?

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