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If we had a bigger budget we would consider fancy special effects, maybe a killer light show. But stuff like that only happens in movies. Or maybe, if we were really cool, we could hire a voice actor (a Rod Sirling type) to give out some really cool rhetoric and entice you to stick around and watch the (lacking) cool special effects. But we don’t have any of that (might be that we aren’t really cool).

Misadventures in Strange Places

Instead what we have for you is the special effects you create in your own mind, using words. Lunacy right? It wasn’t always like that. Civilization came together for three things, food, beer, and stories. Within these pages we offer a return to a place where we sit around the campfire, dinner table, or the living room with old friends. Breaking bread and telling stories takes us back to our primal roots, a place where we enjoy each other’s company and the strange tales we all tell.

Come join us on a misadventure or two. You never know where you might end up.